SCS, formerly known as ribs SC&I, is an independent Dutch company servicing the space industry and the insurance community for over 25 years. It takes professional pride in offering the best information available on the world’s space systems.

About half of the world's space product expenditure comes from direct government investments through space agencies and organizations. The other part comes from private investment. In this market, companies are forced to make business decisions often without a clear understanding of the priorities, intentions and reliability of other involved parties. To identify accurately tomorrow’s space-related opportunities, today’s corporate planners face a great challenge. Adequate intelligence on the political, technological and commercial aspects of the space industry is essential for both strategic and tactical decision making. In this market, success depends on spotting early trends, keeping the initiative and controlling the agenda. Effective and competitive use of exclusive space systems intelligence can be decisive in the pursuit of success.

SCS extracts and maintains information from both public and private sources, analyses all the available data and is able to generate tailored intelligence products for clients. Products include: Analysis of launch services; Analysis of satellite services; Risk analysis; Capacity Determination & Validation; Study & Report validations; Corporate profiles, and Provision of statistical data.

SCS is run by Henk H.F. Smid

Henk Smid is retired field officer of the Royal Netherlands Air Force, space analyst and publicist of numerous space related articles. As a qualified insurance intermediary and ergonomics analyst with experience of radar engineering, avionics and missile design, Henk Smid has been advisor to several national and international working groups on space-related subjects for which he has prepared a range of space analysis and projections. He has i.a. contributed to space studies published by the European Commission. Henk Smid lectures on space systems and technologies.

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